Our goal is to provide the campers with an opportunity to retain and develop their skills in a relaxed summer atmosphere. We will combine exciting adventures with creative opportunities for learning. While forming new friendships, children will have ample time for play, personal growth and free exploration. A portion of the day will be allotted for the exploration of Montessori materials.

          The campers will experience a new theme every week! Each week will include creative art projects, cooking and baking activities, gardening, and active games. Children will have a lot of fun playing games and bathing in the sun and water in our beautiful, natural playground.

          Aside from field trips in the community, we plan to bring many interesting activities to the school as well.

          At Summer Camp 2014, your child will embark upon

                    “Summer Explorations.”

  • Week 1 (June 2 – June 6): Sports and Games
  • Week 2 (June 9 – June 13): Pirates (Have a treasure hunt using a treasure map.)
  • Week 3(June 16 – June 20): Sea World (Dive in to discover the wonders of the ocean! Create your own tide pools, engineer a dolphin rescue mission, design and program your own virtual habitat and more. )
  • Week 4 (June 23 – June 27): Ancient Egypt (Learn about the Great Pyramids, make a pharaoh’s headdress. Children will make their own stone tablet using self-hardening dough or clay and carve out hieroglyphs onto it.
  • Week 5 (June 30 – July 4): Fifty Nifty United States (Capitols, regions, landmarks, cuisine, climate, bodies of water, etc.)
  • Week 6 (July 7 – July 11): Dance and Music (Explore different types of music and dance: classical, jazz, pop; make your own musical instrument or dance costume, look at different musical artists; learn and create new songs and dances)
  • Week 7 (July 14 – July 18): Fairy Tales ( Tea party with your favorite characters; make your puppet show, create your own fairy tale)
  • Week 8 (July 21 – July 25): Hawaiian week (Meet our guest from Hawaii, learn about their culture, design a Hawaiian costume, prepare famous Hawaiian food)
  • Week 9 (July 28 – August 1): Architecture around the World (Welcome to the Sydney Opera house, Eifel Tower, Willis Tower, Taj Mahal, Big Ben. Build the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Russian House, Egyptian Pyramid, Mayan Temple from Haba architectural blocks; design a skyscraper of the future.)
  • Week 10 (August 4 – August 8): Rainforest (Explore the animals and plants of a South American rainforest)
  • Week 11 (August 11 – August 15): Andy Warhol (Learn about famous American artist and his different art techniques; create colored portraits, Campbell soup cans, Sunset, Flowers, etc.)
          The children will visit various continents and countries, discovering their similarities and differences. Specifically, our students will explore the lives of other children, various customs and traditions, different foods, holidays, clothing, games, music, art, and languages all around the world.

          Montessori Pathways School summer hours are 6:45 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., weekly. Parents have a choice of three daily schedules:
  • 6:45 a.m. –  6:00 p.m. - $250 per week (Lunch Included)

  • 8:00 a.m. –  3:00 p.m. - $200 per week (Lunch Included)

  • 8:00 a.m. –  12:00 p.m. - $150 per week (No Lunch)
Rates are based on 5 day enrollment. There is an option of 3 or 2 days per week. All schedules include ample time for enrichment experiences with outdoor playtime added.