We see your gift to us, everytime we are with our kids and they share what they have learned!
                 Thank you for all you do. You have truly made a difference in our lives.

Valerie and Jaime


                 My son started part time in the Summer Camp this past summer and is a full time student this school year. He loves it. We have seen such amazing changes in him. He is a gracious, courteous boy. Can read beginner books at age 3. Loves "dice addition" and working on "sight words". Loves his friends and teachers. Has a big smile walking in and one walking out. Can't say enough how great the school is.



                 Thank you for being so wonderful and caring. Your presence in our daughter's life is so very important and your contribution will last her a lifetime.
                 Thank you for doing such a great job with her. You will always be a part of out family.

Aneta and Michael


                 I have 4 children. My two older children, now in High School, attended a chain daycare that basically babysat them. As my children entered school, I realized, the chain day care that offered little more than supervision was a missed opportunity to help them to grow, learn and develop to prepare them properly for school.
                 My younger children are from the foster care system. My girls have not had an easy path, but eventually we did have the good fortune to find Montessori Pathways.
                 I am a single parent to 4 children and worried that the cost would be difficult, but there is no price for peace of mind. Montessori Pathways teachers have impressive backgrounds, wide range of personalities, nationalities, family dynamics, etc. Their level of communication to address progress, problems and goals has allowed me gain confidence that I am giving my children the best possible start and allowed me to be an active part of their day. The girls are always excited to tell me their activities of the day and surprise me all the time with their new found knowledge of the alphabet, songs, planets, etc. and take so much pride in the cookies they have made and want to share with Mommy!
                 Montessori Pathways not only better prepares them for school, but everyday it also strengthens their personal and social skills to prepare them for life.



                 Thank you for creating a wonderful learning environment. We are very impressed with all of the teachers’ newsletters, special family events and parent meetings. We are so lucky to have found an amazing school that our children look forward to going to each day!



                 My daughter is going to miss the entire faculty, not to mention all of the new little friends she has made. She talks about all of you often and I feel that the Montessori experience that you have given her is invaluable.
                 You have provided her with the tools she will need to continue her success. I hope that her new school is full of kind, caring and nurturing teachers, like at Montessori Pathways.
Thank you again!



                 We have been NOTHING but impressed with the school this summer and how much our son has progressed in his speech and social skills.
                I thank you so very much for your genuine concern for my son and for all that you and your staff have done for him this summer.